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Recent Projects

Current Husky-HL500 Project

1979 Husqvarna Frame currently being converted into a HL500.

Current XT500 Build

Standard 1981 XT500 currently being built with a 1976 colour scheme.

Dyno Build

We have built our own Inertia type Dyno utilising “DYNertia3” software. There is still a bit more testing to be done before it is fully operational.

Engine Build

We have fully rebuilt several XT/TT/SR500 engines now utilising larger High Compression Forged pistons, Balanced Cranks, Ported Heads with Performance Cam Shafts that are dialled in using a degree wheel & adjustable cam sprockets.


GMC Frame #048, Bought as an unfinished project from eBay & built up to race Vintage Motocross.

Husky-HL500 Flat Tracker

1978 Husky Frame converted into a HL/Flat Tracker. This bike has R6 Forks, KLX Swingarm, YZ450 19” Rear Wheel, XS650 19” Front Wheel, Fibreglass Seat & Tank from the US, 1980’s YZ Triple Clamps with Custom Stem, Custom Oil Tank, Custom CroMo Sub-Frame & other modifications.

Husky-HL500 Sydney

This project was done for Bruce in Sydney. It started out as an early 1970’s Husky Frame which we modified to take the XT500 Engine & 1976 YZ125 Seat & Tank. We also added an Oil Tank also making the top Frame Tube part of the Engine oil system.

ProFab HL500

This bike was bought on eBay in the US as an original ProFab HL500. I’m not 100% sure it genuine but from what I have researched I believe it is. The bike was a basket case when I got it & had to be fully rebuilt from the ground up. It is a great bike now & is regularly raced in VMX events around South East Queensland.

XT/HL500 1

XT500 modified to take 1976 YZ125 Seat & Tank, Aluminium Swinarm, Rebuilt SR500 Engine, Custom Exhaust + many more features.

XT/HL500 2

This project was done for Noel in Brisbane. We modified the XT500 Frame, Swingarm & Rear Brake. We also made the Exhaust System, Rebuilt the engine plus fitted the Seat & Tank. Noel did everything else to get it to what you see here in the pictures.

AMT Adventure Ride May 2019

6 Day / 2200km mostly Dirt Adventure Ride we did this year. Brisbane to Barrington Tops National Park & back.

Pro VMX Shots

Some of the bikes in action.

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